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What Is a Franchisee?

What Is a Franchisee?

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What Is a Franchisee?

Sidai Africa Value proposition 
Sidai Africa Ltd is a new company in Kenya seeking to offer high quality veterinary and other livestock services through a network of branded franchises. Sidai Africa will be committed to professionalism and the highest possible standards of products and services. The company will strive to attain cutting edge reputation for quality, effective, efficient and economical livestock production services for its customers. 

What is a Franchise 
A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of the franchise or business model and an individual or group seeking the rights to use that identification in a business. It can simply be described as the practice of using another person’s successful business model to run your own under a similar name or brand after being granted the rights to do so by the parent company or the owner of that brand. 
How the Franchise business model works 
A franchise is an elaborate agreement under which the franchisee undertakes to conduct a business or sell a product or service in accordance with methods and procedures prescribed by the franchisor (parent company), and the franchisor undertakes to assist the franchisee through advertising, promotion and other advisory services. The rights and obligations of both parties are formally set out in a franchise partnership agreement. 

Key benefits that you will enjoy by being a Sidai Franchisee 
There are a wide range of benefits to becoming a Sidai Franchisee: 
  • Access to high quality products and services  - Sidai Africa franchisees will have access to a wide range of quality assured and affordable drugs and a range of farm inputs from reputable suppliers. Sidai will work very closely with the Department of Veterinary services and quality control laboratories/agencies to ensure that only products that meet the highest standards are availed to the farmers and livestock keepers. 
  • Marketing Support - Sidai Africa will offer marketing support to each franchisee in their areas of operation through holding joint farmers’ field days, promotion of Sidai in the locality via public barazas, advertising in both print and local media amongst others. This will ensure that each Sidai outlet is well known to the customers, therefore building the brand image on the ground level. 
  • Access to regular business management training and Continuous professional development - Sidai’s franchisees will all have access to regular business training opportunities in order to assist them improve their business management skills and hence boost profitability. In addition professional development through a team of experts in various fields will be at hand to ensure that Sidai franchisees have access to the latest best practice techniques to improve on their diagnostic and advisory services to the livestock keepers. 
  • Access to new innovative products and services - Sidai seeks to introduce a wide variety of innovative products and services to the industry that include diagnostics, livestock Insurance, vaccines, animal identification, disease monitoring and reporting techniques amongst others that will be exclusively available to Sidai’s franchisees thereby giving them a competitive edge in better service delivery to their customers. 
  • Assistance in accessing finance at favorable terms - Through the very good relation that Sidai has, the company has negotiated with various financial institutions to ensure that the Sidai franchisee will have access to financial packages such as loans and other credit facilities at very favorable interest and payment terms to assist them start or expand their business. 
  • Recognized and trusted countrywide brand - Sidai intends to have countrywide network of 150-200 outlets in the next 4 years with plans to venture into the neighboring countries in the near future. Sidai will spare no effort in its marketing activities to ensure that it builds a successful brand that is recognized nationwide, which is committed to delivery of the highest possible quality and trusted services to the livestock keepers. This will in turn endear customers and other stakeholders to its outlets and services across the country.
  • Extensive business financial systems support services - In any business venture, business information systems are critical component in its success or failure. Sidai’s business systems support services offered to the franchisees will be geared towards ensuring efficient procurement, stock control, sales and cash flow monitoring, profit and loss reporting etc. The provision of cutting edge business systems to the Sidai’s franchisees will help them to grow and maximize on their profits. 
  • Exclusive area of operation* - The Sidai franchisee will have an exclusive area of operation with an adequate customer base to enable them maximize on their potential and profits from a captive customer pool. The company shall endeavor to ensure that the predetermined region of operation shall not be infringed upon so as to maximize the benefit of the Sidai brand amongst the customers to the franchisee.  



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