East Coast Fever Vaccine


East Coast Fever is a tick-borne disease and the biggest killer of cattle in Africa. Sidai is the officially appointed national distributor of the East Coast Fever vaccine in Kenya. The vaccine is highly effective and offers lifetime immunity against the disease. The vaccine is manufactured at the Centre for Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases (CTTBD) in Malawi and Sidai serves at CTTBD’s Local Technical Representative in Kenya. The vaccine is complex to administer, using an Infection and Treatment Method, and so national authorities require the vaccine to be administered by qualified vaccinators only.

Sidai’s own vaccinators are able to administer the vaccine on request and Sidai is also able to put cattle owners in touch with a certified vaccinator near them. It is important to note that cattle must continue to be sprayed to control other tick-borne diseases. Sidai would recommend using Sidai’s own Ultradip as the best, most rigorously-tested, acaricide available in Kenya.

Please contact Sidai at info@sidai.com to find your nearest qualified vaccinator.