Sidai Feeds

Sidai Layers Feeds

Combined Chick and Duckling Mash

Sidai Chick & Duckling Mash


  • Provides nutrient requirements of chicks to ensure proper frame development.
  • Ensures faster growth rate, early immunity development and early maturity.
  • Less feed consumed; cost effective

Recommended Feeding: 

0 days-8 weeks. Fed ad-libitum.2kg/chick.

Combined Growers Mash

Sidai Growers Mash


  • Ensures early maturity
  • Less feed borne disease challenge.
  • Early peaking in 1 – 1.5 months from onset of lay
  • High number and sizeable eggs with less breakages.
  • Less feed consumed; economical

Recommended Feeding:
Fed dry ad-libitum, 7kg/ pullet 9-18 weeks (point of lay.)

Combined Layers Meal


Sidai Layers Complete Meal


  • Fed to adult laying birds from point of lay to culling.
  • It provides all nutrients for optimum laying.
  • Ensures high number, strong shelled and yellow colored yolk in eggs with less breakages
  • Ensures high peak of 95 -98% for 6 – 8 months and prolonged egg production 12- 18 months.

Recommended Feeding: 

  • Fed ad-libitum, 140gm/bird/day.


Sidai Broiler Feeds

Combined Broiler Starter Crumbs


Sidai Broiler Starter Crumbs


  • Provides nutrient requirements of a growing broiler chick.
  • Ensures strong bone structure, fast weight gain hence early slaughter.
  • Good carcass characteristics and many crops in a year. (6-7 crops)

Recommended Feeding: 

  • Day 0- 4 weeks of age. fed dry and ad-libitum.

Combined Broiler Finisher Pellets


Sidai Broiler Finisher Pellets


  • Provides all nutrients for a finishing broiler.
  • Ensures fast weight gain, faster growth rate, minimal wastage, average weight at slaughter, and quality chicken meat.

Recommended Feeding:

  • Fed ad-libitum. 4kg/bird/period.

Sidai Dairy Cattle Feeds

Combined Dairy Meal


Sidai Dairy Meal


  • Fed to adult milking cows.
  • Formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of dairy cows for increased milk production, reduction in cost per L of milk produced.
  • Contains trace elements and minerals.

Recommended Feeding: 
Fed dry at 1kg/2L of milk produced above 5 liters.

high yielder.fw


Sidai High Yielder Dairy Meal


  • Formulated to meet the energy and protein requirements of cows producing at least 15L of milk per day.

Recommended Feeding:

  • Fed dry to allow 1kg for every 2.5L of milk produced above 5L.

Available in 50kg bag only