Finding Impact Podcast features Sidai Chairman, Dr Christie Peacock’s, reflections on recent investment raise

This week on the Finding Impact Podcast, we are talking to Dr. Christie Peacock, founder of Sidai. We’re going to do an interview about her recent experience of raising a round for her social enterprise Sidai Africa. Sidai offers farmers solutions to the challenges they face growing crops and livestock productively and profitably. So Sidai trains farmers to help them farm more profitably, and provides support to franchisees, stockists and suppliers to help them grow their business. And they manufacture and sell a wide range of quality crop and livestock products.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Christie’s experience in trying to raise a round of equity investment, especially when not selling the latest “cool” app but selling a very practical and fundamental product for farmers which is a low margin business.
    • How many funders she spoke to, and the timeline.
  • Selling SIDAI to investors: the original business plan projection was that SUDIE was not going to be profitable for at least eight years although investors want to see profitability sooner.
  • Her advice to investors...